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Three Lines of School Work

There are three lines of work in a school.

First Line of Work

This is work for yourself. This includes study of the Work ideas, personal efforts, self-observation and self-remembering, and so on. This line of work is the simplest to understand, and to begin immediately.

Second Line of Work

Three Women Studying

This is work with, and for, others. This includes discussing the Work ideas, tutoring each other, helping other people increase their understanding of the Work ideas, and so on. This line of work is frequently misunderstood.

Third Line of Work

This is work for school itself, both the school you are in, for other schools you know of or are in contact with, and for school and humanity in the long term, e.g., schools in the future, people in the future. This includes basic maintenance of the school facilities to make the first and second lines of work possible, spreading the Work ideas, and in particular, work on the larger goals of the Work itself, namely, an increase in human understanding by humanity as a whole. These aspects of the third line of work are the most misunderstood, and abused, by false teachers and fake schools, and their many errors on the way.

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