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Here you will find interesting historical material related to the Work in the late 20th and early 21st centuries. A school always produces something for the public benefit. This is especially true in our time, the 21st century. Now is a time when all is revealed. The knowledge of the Work can be found piecemeal throughout life, sometimes with it's source acknowledged, many times not.

Gurdjieff brought the Work to the West in the early 20th century, a century ago, in a new form; Ouspensky put it into a form suitable for the Western mind, of that time. The Work is living, and although those who rigidly imitate the forms of the past have their place in the overall scheme of things, the living Work must always be made anew to suit the times it is in.

We live in a time of unprecedented capabilities in communications and travel, science and technology. Until 200 years ago no one on Earth could move faster, or had ever moved faster, than astride a galloping horse; until 150 years ago no one on Earth could speak to, or had ever spoken to, anyone further away than shouting distance. Think about it.

Reflect on the great gifts we have in our time, and make use of them!

The Work today, and the Work tomorrow, and the Work in the future, depends on you, not on someone who lived in the past.

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Stella Wirk's Website

Stella Wirk

Stella Wirk was a student of the Work. Her virtual presence on the internet served a twofold purpose. She helped many victims of Fourth Way cults toward recovery. At the same time, her dedication to the application of the priniciples of the Work to her own life was a true "Light on the Way" for many people.

She was always there with advice, guidance, or just an understanding ear for those troubled by their experiences with the Fourth Way cults so prevalent today.

She was also a wealth of practical information and experience for those actively practicing the Work.

Stella's presence was compelling and her practicality unquestionable. She was always Stella - always the same. One could depend on that.

Most people will remember Stella by her warm heart and most generous nature. She gave her time to anyone who asked - at any time and anywhere either 'virtually' via the internet and email or even better in person (especially if an all-night coffee shop was close by).

Stella was involved in the Work for over 30 years. She was a well-respected figure on usenet. She conducted lively "Stella's Coffee Shops" and "Wirkshops" all over the world for years. She educated people about the dangers involved in degenerate cults, 'wolves in sheep's clothing', masquerading as representatives of the Work. She passed away in 2001. This archive contains her website as designed and written by her. All those who knew her miss her greatly, and will never forget her.

Fourth Way Bibliography, Version 2.0

Contains the original Fourth Way Bibliography, Version 2.0, first published in 1994, and released to usenet in 1995, for the benefit of the general public. This was the first publicly available bibliography of all relevant publications regarding the Work published as of that date. It was, and still is, provided as a public service for the education, benefit, and good of the general public interested in the ideas of the Work teaching. This Bibliography will help you find the publications to study to find answers to your questions about the Work teaching more quickly than if you were to search at random.

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