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Man is Asleep in a House on Fire

House on Fire

There is an idea in this work that man, as he is, is incomplete. Nature only develops us to a certain point and we simply passively reflect the impressions that our environment has impressed on us. All this has simply `happened' as a consequence of our journey through life and quite automatically and mechanically and unconsciously, as if we were asleep.

For man to become a completed being he must begin on the path to awaken from his sleep, to consciously form a certain something within himself.

Our situation in life is akin to being asleep in a house that is ablaze --- tragic and quite hopeless unless with a certain amount of luck and with certain efforts we can begin to awaken.

`Man' (in quotation marks), the incomplete man, will be consumed by the blaze leaving no trace, never even aware of the dire peril he was in.

But man does have the chance, as taught by the great religions and traditions of awakening.

For this three things are required:

Firstly, nothing can be done unless he has the realisation of the terror of the situation.

Secondly, that he has enough time left to him to make the efforts and required preparation for escape. Time is counted.

Thirdly, he needs to find a means of escape, a path that will enable him to escape this inferno.

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