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The System teaches that everything in the Universe is material, even quantities such as thought and emotion which we are not accustomed to think of as such. However, the materiality of substances varies very much, according to the Scale of Hydrogens. All matter consists of vibrations, and the density of the matter is in inverse proportion to the density (or frequency) of vibrations. This density determines its place on the scale. Within the overall scale, there are further scales, inner octaves and side octaves which in their totality encompass all materials contained in the Universe.

To construct this scale, we take the Ray of Creation in the expanded form of three octaves of radiations, spanning the four fundamental points: Absolute-Sun-Earth-Moon. In each of these octaves, the Fa-Mi interval is regarded as a note in itself. This gives a total of 3x8+1 = 25 notes, from the highest Do (in the Absolute) to the lowest Do (in the Moon). These 25 notes are organised into 12 triads, with successive triads overlapping in one note (Do-Si-La, La-Sol-Fa, Fa-**-Mi, and so on). The order of forces in all these triads is affirming-denying-reconciling (1-2-3, corresponding to the Process of Growth, or in the language of Organic Chemistry, carbon-oxygen-nitrogen or C-O-N.

The elements C, O, N refer to forces, and each is designated by a number representing the density of the matter in which the force acts. These numbers are always in the ratio 1:3:2. (So the affirming force acts in the most rarefied matter, the denying force in the most dense, and the reconciling force in matter of an intermediate density.) The numbers double with each successively descending triad:

Do   (C   1)             Do
Si   (O   3)             Si
La   (N   2)   (C   2)   La
Sol            (O   6)   Sol
Fa   (C   4)   (N   4)   Fa
**   (O  12)             **
Mi   (N   8)             Mi

and so on.

Each triad of forces taken together gives a particular hydrogen, whose density is designated by the sum of the three numbers entering into it: these densities therefore follow the sequence: H6, H12, H24, and so on to H12288.

These twelve hydrogens represent twelve categories of matter contained in the Universe from the Absolute to the Moon.

For us, however, the first two hydrogens are irresolvable. Therefore for the study of Man we use a reduced scale, in which H24 is denoted by h6, H48 by h12, and so on, and H12 is denoted by h1.

All matters from h6 to h3072 are to be found and play a part in the human organism. Each of these hydrogens includes a very large group of chemical substances, linked together by some function in connection with our organism and representing a definite cosmic group.

Digestive system

For example, man's ordinary food is h768. A piece of wood, which cannot serve as food for man, is h1536. A piece of iron is h3072.

Water is h384. The air we breathe is h192. h96 includes the matter of animal magnetism, hormones, vitamins and so on, some rarefied gases, and many other substances known or unknown to modern science.

h48, h24, h12 and h6 are matters of our psychic and spiritual life on different levels.

The Food Diagram shows how these hydrogens are transformed in the human body, and how this process of transformation may be extended and made complete with right work on oneself.

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