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Five Levels of I

In this work 'I' can be spoken of in five different ways, on five different levels.

The Many I's

Man in his ordinary state is a multiplicity of I's.

The condition of the many I's can also be compared to a house full of servants. There is no master to look after them, so the servants do as they like. The house is in chaos, because all the servants try and do someone else's work which they don't know how to do.

Observing I

Observing I comes from Magnetic Centre. This is a group of I's that is not totally immersed in the interests of life; it thinks there must be something more to life, some higher meaning. Magnetic centre may look for a way or school in it's search for something higher.

When a man meets a school, his magnetic centre begins to accumulate ideas about man which he tries to verify. When man begins to work, an observing I grows out of magnetic centre, and he begins to get to know himself, his mechanics and study his being. Gradually, by observing himself, man learns which I's can work, which I's or groups of I's are indifferent to the work, and those that are hostile and hate it.

Deputy Steward

If a man works, after a while, a small group of I's form, called Deputy Steward. This means that the person has a centre of gravity and there are a number of I's that want to do the work. However, they do not have control over all the I's yet and probably fail in an emergency, but they can hear the work.

Deputy steward must be trained by resisting the I's that cannot work or prevent it, such as negative emotions, imagination, lying etc, by listening and acting on work ideas which it knows to apply. It means there is a choice whether or not to act from Deputy Steward. Acting from it strengthens it.


Steward has control of all the I's and is developed by working on Deputy Steward, by resisting mechanics.

Real I

Real I is also called permanent I or the Master. Real I is what you are. When Real I is operating, a person is awake and can remember himself when he needs it.

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