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Opposites: Law of Pendulum


A pendulum swings from one side and then to the opposite side. The law of the pendulum is the swing of things between their opposites. We can see the law of pendulum in nature, for example, in the change of the seasons from winter to summer, in the movement of the tides etc; we can see it also in the world of human phenomena, for example, in the swings from war to peace, from prosperity to recession, from famine to plenty etc.

We can also see the law of pendulum in ourselves as we swing from yes to no, like to dislike, elation to sadness, excitement to boredom, certainty to doubt, love to hate etc. Even our life is swinging between the opposites of birth and death. In time some pendula hit their opposites more frequently than others, i.e. they are moving faster in time than other pendula...

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