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1. free from pretence or deceit, the same in reality as appearance
2. genuine, honest, frank
from Latin sincerus: clean, pure

The Work tells us that to have a chance of developing, we have to understand that we are not what we think. We cannot wake up until we have understood that we sleep. To see this, we have to observe ourselves. This is very difficult, because not only must we glimpse things as they are, we must also resist our ingrained tendency to explain things away. If what we see clashes with our imaginary picture of ourselves, we will find that thoughts, feelings, and movements automatically arise in defence of that picture. To be sincere, we have to struggle with these reactions, with these buffers. This is why sincerity is more elusive than we think. There is a difference between sincerity and expressing whichever `I' happens to be in control at the time.

Jesus tells us in the Gospels:

Nothing is covered up that will not be revealed,
or hidden that will not be known.
Luke 12.2

What does this mean?...

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